Introduction to Elementals: Earth, Air, Fire and Water Spirits


Many people use the terms interchangeably, but there is a difference between elementals and faeries. Faeries have a higher vibration and unique personalities, whereas elementals are the basic forces of the natural elements they represent and have general characteristics common to all elementals of their type.

Elementals are nature spirits that contain within them the essence of the natural elements of earth, air, fire and water. Gnomes are earth elementals, sylphs are air elementals, salamanders are fire elementals, and undines are water elementals. Each elemental grouping consists of beings that contain characteristics and traits of their corresponding element.

Earth Elementals: Gnomes

The earth elementals, known as the gnomes, express solidity and grounding, and have energy reminiscent of rocks and soil, and everything physical and concrete. Gnomes are the miners and builders in nature. They provide a connection to the plants, trees, rocks, and stones. They help with grounding and stability.

Air Elementals: Sylphs

The sylphs, who are the air elementals, have light, breezy energy and represent life-giving breath. But they can also bring with them the menace of storm clouds or the mystique of fog. They aid in connecting to the sky, clouds, and weather. Tapping into their energy helps provide greater insights, creativity and mental stimulation.

Fire Elementals: Salamanders

Salamanders are creatures of fire and have hot, passionate energy. They are the destructive force that then becomes the impetus for rebirth and renewal. Salamanders are anywhere there is heat. They assist in spiritual development and connection. They help provide energy, artistic ability and passion.

Water Elementals: Undines

The water elementals, or undines, have energy that is fluid and cleansing. Water cleans and purifies and the undines and their water energy are to the earth what blood is to the human body. Water is also deep emotion, creation, and feelings. Undines assist in stimulating intuition and imagination. They help provide a strengthening of, and connection to, healing and nurturing skills.

Unbalanced Elemental Energy

Some believe that elementals are dangerous or evil, but this is the result of a lack of understanding of the energies involved and how to manage them. Anything taken to excess can have negative repercussions, and drawing in too much of one type of elemental energy can impact you in a negative way.

Too much earth energy will make you overly judgmental and skeptical. Too much air energy will make you too analytical or ungrounded. Too much fire energy will make you impatient or hyper. Too much water energy will result in over-sensitivity and overly emotional behaviour.

Conversely, having too little of these energies can be detrimental as well. Not enough connection to the gnomes will cause you to be disconnected from the physical body. Not enough connection to the sylphs will affect the ability to think clearly. Not enough connection to the salamanders will cause lethargy. Not enough connection to the undines can affect creativity.

The elementals are important forces of nature that people can work with to enhance their lives on all levels. Learning to tap into their energies stimulates personal growth and development in a natural and healthy way


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