The Nature of Fairies and How They Help Humans

Fairy House
Fairy House

Up the airy mountain, down the rushy glen, we daren’t go a-hunting, for fear of little men. — William Allingham

Those well-known lines from William Allingham’s famous poem The Fairies evoke the sense of uneasiness that comes for some people with thoughts of having interactions with the little people. Many people hear the tales and myths of old and take the view that fairies are to be, if not feared, then at least avoided.

The old stories have fairies causing more than just mischief. They tell of fairies causing disease, blight, and even death. The fairies are accused of deliberately and maliciously causing harm to innocent people for no discernible or valid reason. While not all fairies are traditionally considered evil, at best they are said to be neutral or harmless, not caring about or aiding humans, except on very rare occasions. The idea that fairies can be called upon for help would come as a surprise to many people.

Fairy Rings and Changelings

When you read or listen to the old stories and tales about fairies and their ways, you will understand why some people fear and avoid them. Fairy rings, generally described as a circle or ring of mushrooms, were said to be doorways to the fairy realm. It is said that if you approach a fairy ring while the fairies are dancing in it, you will be snatched into their world, never to return, or, if returned, you will find years have passed, your loved ones are dead, and your home long gone.

The stories of the changelings are, from a parent’s perspective, even more frightening. Changelings are said to be fairy babies who are ugly, sickly, and fail to thrive in the fairy world. The fairies bring them into this world to exchange for a human baby. The parents of the human baby may suspect that the fairies have given them a changeling, but they are unable to convince anyone that this has happened, and they never see their own baby again.

But perhaps these stories stem from a lack of understanding or real knowledge of the fairies. Chief Dan George once said, “What you do not know you will fear.” That could certainly be the case with the fairies. Recently, people such as Doreen Virtue have been getting to know the fairies, and have shared this knowledge about them, which includes information that indicates that, while you should respect the fairies, you needn’t fear them.

How do the Fairies Help?

According to Virtue, in her book Fairies 101, the fairies will help you in many ways if you ask them, and if they deem that you are worthy. They will help you with healing, with career and jobs, with manifesting, and with relationships. The fairies will even assist you in ridding your home of unwanted animals, as I had occasion to find out when we had a mouse in the house.

I was in denial about the mouse at first, until I actually heard it scratching around in the floor of our bedroom. That galvanized me to action and I called on the fairies immediately, as I remembered that Doreen Virtue had taught that, while working with the fairies can attract such creatures, the fairies can also be part of the solution and help usher the animals to more acceptable locations.

The Fairies Help Rid the Garage of Raccoons

This not only worked immediately for the mouse, which I never heard from again after I asked the fairies to escort him out, but it worked for a family of raccoons that moved into our garage. When the raccoons moved into the garage, I at first tried asking the mother raccoon directly to relocate. Then I asked for help from an animal communicator when my pleas fell on deaf ears.

The animal communicator verified that the mother raccoon was determined to stay. In desperation, I asked the fairies to move the family along. Very quickly after that request, they were gone. Perhaps this was all coincidence, but I’m grateful that I have not had to spend time and money getting rid of inconvenient wildlife.

Attracting the Fairies into Your Life

To be worthy of fairy assistance, it’s said that you must show respect for the environment. Fairies, according to Virtue, are the nature angels and they are caretakers of the environment and all living creatures within it. If they find that you do not treat the environment well, that you pollute it, or that you do not treat animals with kindness and respect, then they will not help you, and may indeed make mischief for you.

When you start making efforts to communicate with the fairies, you may begin to get impulses to do things to help the environment or suddenly feel compelled to clean up the trash in the neighborhood. That may be the fairies sending you instructions on what you need to do to earn their trust and then their help.

Offering Gifts to the Fairies for Help

You may be able to entice the fairies to help you by offering them gifts. If you misplace something, place a shiny object, such as a ball of foil or a crystal, under an overturned glass and let the fairies know that when your lost item is found, they will get the object under the glass. When your item is found, remove the glass barrier from the object and allow the fairies to take it, or put it out into the garden for them to enjoy.

There is much to learn about fairies. Old stories, legends, and myths can be misleading. It’s difficult to distinguish between truth and tales. Current experts, such as Doreen Virtue, teach us how to gain more practical experience with the fairies so that we can determine for ourselves what is their true nature. The key with the fairies, according to the experts, is to show both the fairies and nature respect, and to express gratitude when they help you out, which doesn’t seem unreasonable.


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Image: Courtesy of Bob Tobin and The Hedge Witch

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