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Reiki Symbols
Reiki Symbols

When I first learned about Reiki and received my attunements in my Reiki Level I class, I was unprepared for the psychic boost it would give me, though our teacher told us that might happen. She said that we might be able to start seeing auras if we didn’t have that ability before, and we would become more sensitive to energy.

This new sensitivity might allow us to receive information about the client when giving Reiki, and also open up psychically when we received Reiki ourselves, even actively connecting to our Reiki and spirit guides. There are four different ways that you can boost your psychic ability with Reiki, three requiring attunement to it, while the fourth you need only receive Reiki during a session.

Enhancing Psychic Ability by Receiving Reiki Attunements

When you receive Reiki attunements, regardless of the level you’re at, you will feel a shift in your energy. For some, it takes some time, but sooner or later, you will find yourself opening up and becoming more sensitive to energy and more open psychically. This may come after a period of adjustment.

When I received my first level attunements, our teacher warned us that we might experience some side effects that resemble the side effects you might have when doing a cleanse or fast. This energetic cleansing might take the form of flu-like symptoms, headaches etc., because you are cleansing on all levels, including the physical, as attunements remove blockages and awaken the healer within you.

I was grateful that she warned us of that, and that she shared her experience with us, specifically, that she had experienced a severe headache after receiving her attunements. While I was grateful for the information and the heads up, I didn’t believe that I’d be experiencing anything like that and waived it off. However, to my utter amazement, I experienced almost everything she described. When I recovered from that, with the help of a combination of Reflexology and Reiki, I found that I was also more psychically sensitive.

Unique Experiences for Each Person After Attunement to Reiki

Interestingly, my partner did not experience the detox symptoms, but he also immediately was able to see auras in colour, which I could not until after my second set of attunements and another intense period of cleansing. There might be a correlation between ridding the body of impurities and opening up psychic abilities with Reiki attunements.

The attunement experience is different for each person. While the cleansing experience usually comes days after receiving the attunements, if at all, your experience immediately after receiving the attunements may be profound. While I felt almost nothing, others felt their hands get very hot.

In her book Essential Reiki Diane Stein describes the variety of feelings people might have after receiving attunements: “Each person receiving the Reiki attunement experiences something different. She may see colours, feel sensations, watch pictures of herself from past lives, connect with spirit guides, or be filled with bliss and joy” (Stein, 106).

While not everyone will experience all of these right away, the more you use Reiki, the more likely will you be to do so. While my hands did not get hot immediately, by the end of the class, I was amazed at the heat they generated when I started giving someone Reiki. One of the best ways to enhance your psychic energy is by regularly giving Reiki to yourself and others, once you have been attuned to it.

Enhancing Psychic Ability by Giving Reiki and Reiki Attunements

Once you are attuned to Reiki, practicing it will not only benefit your client, but it will also benefit you. The more you use Reiki, the more you heal yourself. For this reason, Reiki practitioners are taught to give themselves Reiki every day. When you do this, you will also enhance your psychic abilities at the same time. You will find you are not only better able to see auras, but you will connect more with your spirit guides.

If you become a Reiki Master/Teacher, you can also benefit from the Reiki energy passing through you when you give attunements. According to Stein, when she passes attunements, that is when she feels her Reiki guides the most: “They stand behind me and direct the whole process, and I assume they also do this for every Reiki Master” (Stein, 107).

Some of my most vivid psychic experiences have occurred when I was giving Reiki, to myself, to another during a full Reiki session, or to another through distance Reiki. Each experience with giving Reiki has strengthened and improved my psychic abilities, sometimes catching me by surprise. The first time I connected with someone’s departed loved one was while I was giving a client Reiki.

But if you are not attuned to Reiki, you can still benefit from its healing and spiritual power, and improve your psychic abilities by receiving Reiki during a session.

Enhancing Psychic Ability by Having a Reiki Session

When you are receiving Reiki, it’s the perfect time to allow yourself to open up to psychic experiences. The Reiki energy itself unblocks and relaxes you, encouraging you to sink into that Alpha or even Theta state conducive to meditation. When in this state, you may receive some psychic messages, though it may perhaps come in the form of a dream. People frequently fall asleep when receiving Reiki, and some will have very interesting dreams when they do.

When I give myself Reiki, I make a point of having a journal next to me where I can record whatever images or information comes to me. This journal doubles as my dream journal, so if there are any themes coming up that overlap with what I receive during a Reiki session, I will be able to spot them. You can work with the dreams you receive during Reiki as well as dreams you receive when you are in bed sleeping to help your psychic development.

As an example, I was giving Reiki once to a young woman who was pregnant. During the session, she said she saw a little girl who she was sure was the daughter she was carrying (she already knew she was having a girl). While I can’t verify that she really did see her daughter, she was delighted with the experience and sure that she had been able to get a glimpse of her child.

If you are actively working on developing your psychic abilities, then Reiki can help you. Even if you are not interested in getting attuned to Reiki, you should consider at least receiving some Reiki to see how it makes you feel and what it can do for you. After that, you might decide to go ahead and receive the attunements. Either way, it can open you up to a whole new dimension.


Image: Japanese Symbol for Reik – by Dreamage

Stein, Diane. Essential Reiki, California: The Crossing Press, 1995.

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