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Available for Purchase or Borrow on KU/KOLL: You Again

You Again by Val Tobin
You Again by Val Tobin

Romantic suspense murder mystery novel You Again is now available for purchase on Amazon (#CommissionsEarned) at the low price of $3.99. KU/KOLL readers can access it with their memberships for FREE.

The man she never wanted to see again has returned.

After a three-year struggle with a shattered heart and a stalled career, Ellen Haddigan once more feels as if her life is on track. She’s two-years settled into a new job at an accounting company and considers getting back into the dating scene.

Then Gabriel Duncan, the man who stole her heart and abandoned her after one night of passion, appears. He’s still handsome, charming, and stirs in her a powerful attraction. He’s also assigned as her new client.

Things grow more complicated when Ellen learns her predecessor on the account was murdered. Is Gabriel a killer or the victim of an elaborate conspiracy?

Can Ellen give Gabriel a second chance without risking her heart or losing her life?

A stand-alone novel, You Again mixes suspense with passion in the Forever Young series.

Out Now in Paperback and eBook: The Hunted

The Hunted
The Hunted

The Hunted, a full-length sequel to short horror story Storm Lake, is now available on Amazon in print and ebook. (#CommissionsEarned)

The Hunted picks up the story twelve years after Storm Lake (#CommissionsEarned) left off. Find out what happened to Rachel, Jeff, and Peter after they left Storm Lake. What awaited them in Peterborough? Did they find Rachel’s father? You’ll find new twists in this thrilling horror story, and learn the true origins of the monsters.

Podcast Interview with Val Tobin by Rachael Wright

Val Tobin: Reiki master and author of Injury, Valiant Chronicles, and Storm Lake. We talk with her about her experiences with the paranormal and how trauma affects us all.

Poison Pen a Winner

About Three Authors: Poison Pen
Poison Pen

Val’s novel Poison Pen made it to #12 on ReadFreely’s list of the 50 Best Indie Books of 2018.

To view the entire list, go to their website at this link. You may need to click the link twice as on the first click their links resolve to the home page.

Three wannabe authors suffering from various mental disorders find themselves on a killer’s radar when they interfere in the investigation of a colleague’s murder.

New Trailer for Author Val Tobin’s Books

Talented author Melanie P. Smith has created a new book trailer for Val Tobin and her books. Check it out on YouTube.

Earthbound #23 on 50 Best Indie Books List

Earthbound by Val Tobin #23 in ReadFreely's 50 Best Indie Books of 2017
Earthbound #23 in ReadFreely’s 50 Best Indie Books of 2017

Val Tobin’s Valiant Chronicles prequel, Earthbound, has made the 50 Best Indie Books of 2017 list on ReadFreely. It comes in at #23. View it on ReadFreely.

What if you could attend your own funeral?

Jayden McQueen’s day begins when she wakes up dead. But that’s the least of her worries. Turns out, she’s a murder victim, and nobody knows it but her.

Who killed her? Why? How?

In her quest to find answers, Jayden sets in motion events that propel humanity towards a future already written. But just because events appear inevitable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fight them. Does it?

While a work of fiction, Earthbound explores concepts drawn from a variety of teachings, including those of Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., whose courses the author attended in Kona, Hawaii in 2008 and 2010; the author’s education in parapsychic science and parapsychology; and research she did for her master’s thesis on the after-effects of near-death experience.

Injury by Val Tobin Awarded Gold and Silver
Injury received gold and silver awards from Connections eMagazine

Injury Wins Two Awards, Book of the Month, and Now Shortlisted for ReadFreely’s Best Books We’ve Read All Year Award!

Romantic suspense novel Injury won two awards in the Readers’ Choice contest sponsored by Connections eMagazine. Injury received a first-place Gold in the Romance category and a second-place Silver overall.

Injury is available in eBook form Amazon. It is also available in paperback.

Injury Voted Book of the Month

In October 2017, Injury was voted Book of the Month on ReadFreely. They gave it a fabulous review:

Val Tobin’s Injury is alive and vicious. It writhes with sex, the glamour of the movies, and the brutality of Dani’s past. Reading it at a time when the papers are packed full of Harvey Weinstein and the seedy underbelly of Hollywood, brings an extra visceral thrill to the book….

Read the entire review (Scroll down to October).

Injury was recently shortlisted for a new award from ReadFreely: the Best Book We’ve Read All Year award.

If you could ask your father anything right now, what would it be?

Actress Daniella Grayson would love to be able to ask her father anything at all. She puts herself in the spotlight, hoping to attract the attention of the father she believes abandoned her when she was five.

Dani’s world falls apart when her father’s remains are discovered, and her mother is arrested for the murder.

In a moment of vulnerability, she turns to the handsome and caring Robert “Cope” Copeland, her limo driver, for comfort and support.

Can the budding relationship survive betrayal, Dani’s shameful past, and her obsessive ex-boyfriend?

Cover and Title Reveals

Val’s Current Nonfiction Project Title and Cover Revealed

Changed for Life: The After-Effects of Near-Death Experience by Val Tobin
Changed for Life: The After-Effects of Near-Death Experience

Val’s next project is a non-fiction book on the after-effects of near-death experience. While the release of the book is still months away, Val’s cover designer, Patti Roberts of Paradox Book Cover Designs has been hard at work creating a new cover for it (see image at left). What do you think? Isn’t it gorgeous?

The title of the new book is Changed for Life: The After-Effects of Near-Death Experience.

Every Year, millions of people have a near-death experience (NDE) and return from it altered permanently. Whatever the truth about the experience itself might be, there is no denying the changes that occur at every level: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. The results are positive if the experiencer is able to process the event in a healthy way. However, some experiencers have difficulty integrating the changes into their lives, which can adversely affect relationships.

Researchers, such as Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Kenneth Ring, and P. M. H. Atwater, have found that subjects experience a host of similar after-effects from an NDE regardless of how the NDE was induced. As well, non-experiencers can benefit from the NDE phenomenon if, according to Ring, they are exposed to NDE research and stories, or if they consciously work to emulate NDEr beliefs and values. Dr. Raymond Moody has found similar effects on non-experiencers through the process of mirror-gazing.

Humanity stands to benefit from further NDE research and, in particular, from studying NDE after-effects.

Val’s Current Fiction Project Title and Cover Revealed

The Fool: New Beginnings
The Fool: New Beginnings

Once again venturing into urban fantasy territory, Val has started a new series of books, each based on a major arcana card in the tarot. The first one, based on the Fool, is called The Fool: New Beginnings.

This first entry into the Tales From the Unmasqued World series of novels revolves around Kelsey Davis. Kelsey, a human who has no supernatural ability whatsoever, is newly divorced and suffering from a midlife crisis. She gets mixed up in the search for a missing half-vampire teen, and despite her prejudices, might just find love with a vampire.

The cover design, as always, is by Patti Roberts of Paradox Book Covers and Design. It captures the essence of the budding story perfectly.