Interview with Pet Psychic Sheila Trecartin — Becoming Psychic

Pet Psychic Sheila Trecartin Talks to a Turtle
Pet Psychic Sheila Trecartin Talks to a Turtle

People come to see Sheila Trecartin, a Pet Psychic in Thornton, Ontario, for many reasons. Sometimes their beloved pet is suffering from a health issue, and the owners would just like to find some alternatives to make the animal feel better. Sometimes the pet is exhibiting behavioural issues, and the owners turn to Sheila in desperation, hoping that the pet’s behaviour can be modified so that they won’t have to remove it from the home.

In Interview with Pet Psychic Sheila Trecartin, I spoke to Sheila about how she discovered her ability to talk to the animals. Here, she describes how she regained her psychic abilities after closing them down for many years. She also discusses a few of the animals that she has helped.

Opening Up to Animal Communication

Val Tobin: How did you open up your abilities again and begin doing animal communication for other people?

Sheila Trecartin: “I was on the phone, talking to a friend who lived about an hour away, and we were talking about different things. In my head, I kept hearing his dog. He was panicking and asking me tons of questions. So I started asking my friend questions.

“He said, ‘Why do you keep talking about the dog? Where are you getting this information?’ So I bit the bullet and said, ‘Well, your dog is speaking to me.’ I really thought that he would say, ‘Yeah, right.’ But he didn’t.

“He said, ‘Ask her this. Ask her that.’ So we talked for an hour on the phone and we talked with his dogs. Then he said, ‘You have to do this for other people.’ So, he called me three days later and asked me to go out with him. It turned out that I went to read my first horse.

“In the next two weeks, he took me to several different places to read all different types of animals. I read for these people and he’s really the catalyst who got me back into it. That was about eight years ago.”

Distance Animal Readings

Val Tobin: Can you connect to an animal you haven’t even seen?

Sheila Trecartin: “Yes. It’s easier for me to work through a photograph or in person. But I can, if someone gives me the name, and just tells me the breed and the location, then I can tune into them that way because it’s only energetic. Telepathy is how they communicate. Because there is no time and space involved in that, it doesn’t matter the distance then. That’s why I have clients from all over the world.”

Val Tobin: You can elicit cooperation from even wild animals?

Sheila Trecartin: “Yes, definitely. Some wild animals are a little bit more difficult to communicate with because they don’t have the steady interaction with humans. A squirrel, skunk, or racoon yes, because they have interactions with humans all the time. ”

“For instance, when I went to South Africa, and we went to the game reserve, and there’s not a lot of interaction with people. The animals there live in the wild, and they may see a jeep go by once-in-a-while with people in it, but they just ignore it. They were a little more difficult to communicate with.”

What Do Animals Want to Tell Their Owners?

Val Tobin: Under normal circumstances, what kinds of things do pets want to talk about?

Sheila Trecartin: “Sometimes they’re not concerned about themselves. They’re concerned about their owners. It depends on their personality and their perception of life and what they feel is important to them. Sometimes it’s food, their likes or dislikes, sometimes it’s their health and sometimes it’s their owner’s health. Sometimes it’s about the owner’s relationships or career.”

Val Tobin: They actually get concerned about their owner’s career?

Sheila Trecartin: “Yes, definitely.”

Val Tobin: Meaning, “My owner is doing this, but his/her life purpose is something else?”

Sheila Trecartin: “Exactly. I actually had that happen several times and one that I use as an example is where this guy was the co-owner in an internet business and the dog said, ‘He’s working in computers but he’s wasting his life. It’s not what he’s supposed to be doing.'”

Sheila Trecartin has gained much recognition in the field of animal communication and offers courses so that others can learn this skill and communicate with any animals they wish. Trecartin says that the question most often asked by clients is if their pets are happy. People do love their animals and want to connect to them. Trecartin offers everyone a way to do that.


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Image: Courtesy of Sheila Trecartin

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