Kawartha Country Wines Offers an Abundant Crop of Fruit Wines

Kawartha Country Wines
Kawartha Country Wines

We drove by it for years and didn’t stop. It was one of those things. We would be on our way to the cottage, or on our way back from the cottage, and we would always say, “Let’s stop there sometime.” But sometime never seemed to come and we’d sail right past the intriguing little winery at the side of the road. Then, one day, we pulled in and we’ve been stopping at the Kawartha Country Wines Estate since 2009 and enjoying the fruits of their labours.

Kawartha Country Wines in Buckhorn Offers Award-Winning Fruit Wines

Located on County Rd #36 in Buckhorn, Kawartha Country Wines sits in the heart of cottage country. They specialize in fruit wines, though they also offer grape wines as well. They grow the fruit themselves, and depending on the harvest, they will have wines based on apples, pears, raspberries, grapes, currents, and rhubarb.

They have consistently won awards, and I gravitate to purchasing those wines that have won awards, since we don’t get out there that often, and those wines have become my favourites. I prefer dry wines and tend to find most fruit wines to be sweet, but I will have the sweeter ones as a dessert wine. My one complaint is that they are not organic, which I prefer.

Wine Tastings Complementary

If you are unsure of what you would like, especially if you’ve never had a wine that wasn’t grape-based, you are welcome to sample what they have on hand. Wine tastings are complimentary. Owner John Rufa himself is usually there to serve his customers samples of his delicious wine and he answers any questions you might have about the wines, winemaking, or anything else related to the estate.

With the variety of flavours available, it’s difficult to choose just one or two. We have usually come away with a variety of bottles. Since we only get out that way during the summer, we make sure we stock up for the winter when we pass by there at the end of the Thanksgiving long weekend. The winery itself is open year round, seven days a week. The last time I asked, I was told that Christmas Day was the only exception.

Gift Shop Available

In addition to the winemaking facility and the tasting room, Kawartha Country Wines has a gift shop filled with unique products, many using the fruits they grow themselves. I typically buy their jellies and jams when I’m there, though they offer so much more. They offer gourmet foods, barbeque and other sauces, and even cheeses that have been infused with their wines.

The building that houses everything is a restored log cabin that was built in 1866. I love wandering around in there and exploring what is new, to see if there is anything I can pick up and stash away for birthdays or Christmas.

If you are in the Buckhorn/Bobcaygeon area, pay a visit to Kawartha Country Wines, even if it’s a little out of your way. If you enjoy sampling unique wines, then you will like trying the wine they offer here. Perhaps I’ll see you there.


Image: Kawartha Estate Winery, Ontario – by Bob Tobin

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