Online Psychics: Interview with 12Listen Psychic Advisor Tatiana


12Listen (pronounced “one-two listen”) has its origins as a bricks and mortar New Age store called Twelfth House, located in Denver, Colorado. The name “Twelfth House” refers to the twelfth house in Astrology.

Founder Mark Husson practiced what he termed “Psychological Astrology,” as he believed that astrology and intuition could be used as a psychological tool for healing, and not simply a way to predict the future.

Twelfth House became popular with those in the medical field, as well as psychiatrists and people who understood the value of Husson’s vision. Husson has a Masters degree in counselling and developed a methodology to test psychics to verify their capabilities. With partner John Joseph, Husson took Twelfth House online with a group of screened and tested psychic advisors in order to provide trusted and accurate psychic advice and counsel to everyone who needed it.

12Listen Psychic Advisor Tatiana

Tatiana has been a psychic advisor with 12Listen since 2008 and was doing psychic work for many years prior. She is an Angel Therapy Practitioner® with Advanced Training, a Medium, and a Past Life Regressionist, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD Tatiana provides phone and email psychic services on 12Listen, conducts classes on 12Academy, and contributes to a variety of radio shows on 12Radio. She contributes to The Fairies and Angels Magazine and is a member of the band Obsidian.

I first met Tatiana when she was on staff at the courses I attended in Kona, Hawaii, taught by Doreen Virtue. I subsequently received a very impressive reading from her at the Kona Rock and Mineral store. I recently talked to Tatiana about 12Listen, their various services, how one can qualify to be a 12Listen advisor and of what clients need to be aware when seeking online psychic services.

12Listen Services

Val Tobin: 12Listen has a variety of links: 12Academy, 12Listen, 12House, 12Reports and 12Radio. I know 12Academy is classes. 12Angel is now merged with 12Listen. 12Listen provides phone readings, is that correct?

Tatiana: “Yes, you can talk to an advisor directly by calling, get a scheduled reading over the phone and also you can order readings where it says EBS which means Email Based Services.”

Val Tobin: 12House is astrology? What is 12Reports?

Tatiana: “Yes, 12House is astrology. 12Reports are highly detailed and extensive reports that are part of the email-based services. Those are reports that are highlighted by certain advisors. You can also find email-based services on any of our 12Advisors bio pages. But they’ve been chosen by 12Reports to be highlighted there.”

“Those reports include past life reports, astrology reports, reports from all different genres of everybody on 12Listen. We have psychics, mediums, astrologers, people who focus on angels, a couple of us do Goddess and angel work, as well as Tarot, so you can get anything.”

Qualifying as a Psychic Advisor on 12Listen

Val Tobin: How does one become an advisor?

Tatiana: “Everybody is screened and tested. Even though they knew that I was doing readings for years and years and was on ATP® staff at that time, I still had to be screened and tested. I had to give three half-hour readings in a row. It was an experience, and then you don’t really know how you did until you hear back from them.”

Val Tobin: How does the site typically find psychic advisors? I saw a link where it looked like you could apply as a psychic or register.

Tatiana: “Yes, people can apply. But they really screen people. They’re really picky about whom they bring in. I’ve screened people. They’re currently beefing up the process to get in. They are just very picky, which one has to appreciate. I’ve had to be the bearer of bad news after I’ve done screenings. I know ultimately the applicant will not be accepted, and it breaks my heart, because I know a couple of people have really wanted to be on and they just don’t have it. So, you just have to say they need more work and experience.”

“It’s not about making money. Of course, it’s about being successful, but it’s really about passion. Are you passionate about making a difference? What are you all about? And the people who are screening were psychic. The people at the top are psychic. So, they’re not going to bring somebody on who is not genuine.”

“They’re really looking for people who are already experts. They’re looking for people who have been doing it for a while, who are experienced and whose lives are about making a difference. They are looking for people who are very positive, have a very high vibration and have a life calling for this.”

Tatiana’s Suggestions for Psychic Readings

Val Tobin: What would you advise someone looking for psychic guidance online?

Tatiana: “I would suggest that if anybody ever tells you that you have a curse, and you need to have a certain amount of sessions to get rid of this curse, then you should watch out. I remember this person who told me she went to a psychic and the psychic told her that she was going to get into this terrible point in her life if she didn’t start having sessions with her. So watch for stuff like that. If you ever hear fear-based comments, that’s a red flag.”

Val Tobin: What can someone coming to 12Listen for guidance expect?

Tatiana: “You will get an advisor who is very experienced, loving, warm, generous. One thing we want to know when we’re screening somebody is, are they warm and kind? And you’re going to get answers to your questions.”

“All advisors on 12Listen list the type of psychic services they provide and have a ‘My Reviews’ section through which clients can browse. The reviews from previous clients are genuine and not always positive. If you are interested in a particular psychic, you can also review bio information, which usually contains references to the psychic’s work outside of 12Listen. There are links to the advisor’s website as well, and links to any social networking sites for that advisor.”

If all the advisors on 12Listen are as competent and passionate as Tatiana, then Husson is succeeding in his mission to provide trusted and accurate psychic advice and counsel to everyone who needs it. However, as with any service, the less risk you want to take, the more research you should do before committing yourself. Keep in mind Tatiana’s suggestions, and also be aware that psychics cannot make claims to diagnose, treat, or cure any illness unless licensed to do so.


Image: Tatiana Scavnicky: Courtesy of Tatiana Scavnicky Mark S. Husson Biography, (Accessed November 16, 2010).

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