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Val Tobin’s Current Projects: Non-Fiction Book Based on Master’s Thesis

Changed for Life: The After-Effects of Near-Death Experience

Val Tobin's Current Projects: Changed for Life: The After-Effects of Near-Death Experience
Changed for Life: The After-Effects of Near-Death Experience

One of my current projects started as research on the after-effects of near-death experience (NDE) for my Master of Parapsychology degree (you can read about that in Val’s bio). Changed for Life explores what happens to those who’ve had a near-death experience after they return to life. As one might expect, their lives are altered. Not only have they been given a second chance at continuing their physical existence, but they are impacted at every other level as well: emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Many experiencers return from the event forever changed, and the effects aren’t limited to those who’ve had the experience. Friends, loved ones, and anyone hearing the stories experiencers tell can be affected as if they’ve had the experience themselves.

Positive Results When Event Processed in Healthy Way

Whatever the truth about the experience itself might be, there is no denying that changes occur on multiple levels. The results are positive if the experiencer is able to process the event in a healthy way. However, some experiencers have difficulty integrating the changes into their lives, which can adversely affect relationships.

Researchers, such as Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Kenneth Ring, and P. M. H. Atwater, have found that subjects experience a host of similar after-effects from an NDE regardless of how the NDE was induced. As well, non-experiencers can benefit from the NDE phenomenon if, according to Ring, they are exposed to NDE research and stories, or if they consciously work to emulate NDEr beliefs and values. Dr. Raymond Moody has found similar effects on non-experiencers through the process of mirror-gazing.

Death No Longer Feared and a Shift in Values

The loss of a fear of death is one of the most common changes, as is a refocusing of values. Where previously a person might have been materialistic and driven by a pursuit of wealth and status, after the experience he or she would be more focused on love and spirituality.

Moody reports in his book The Light Beyond that people change after such an experience, not because a being ordered them to, but “because they are in the presence of the standard of goodness, which makes them want to change their behavior radically” (39). This distinction is important because it illustrates that the alterations to behavior are internally driven. Experiencers act differently because they believe differently and not because they think they’ve been given some kind of Divine directive.

Stay tuned here for updates on this important non-fiction release.

Coming in fall 2021

Val Tobin’s Current Projects: A Novel that Kicks Off an Urban Fantasy Series

The Fool: New Beginnings
The Fool: New Beginnings

An avid oracle card reader, I also played around with tarot cards. While I’ve always preferred the positive messages and the focus on solutions that oracle cards exhibit, I was fascinated by the symbolism found in the regular tarot cards.

The idea for Tales From the Unmasqued World came about after I bought a new tarot deck to add to my collection. This deck is Ellen Dugan’s Witches Tarot, and the cards have the most gorgeous illustrations I’ve seen in years. When I do readings with them, they are more accurate and relevant than readings I’ve done with any other deck, including the angel tarot decks I have that echo the positive slant found in oracle cards.

Every time I use the cards in the Witches Tarot, I wondered what stories might be behind the pictures. I contemplated ideas for stories based on the illustrations and symbolism of the major arcana cards in the deck. The first major arcana card I’m working with is “The Fool.”

The story revolves around a recently divorced woman going through a midlife crisis who gets drawn into a search for a missing half-vampire girl. It’s set in a future world where magickals have come out of the closet to mix with humans after a pandemic decimated the human population. This draws on the unmasqued world trope, hence the name for the series.

I’m just over 20,000 words into the story and enjoying the ride. I can’t wait to see how it continues — and yes, I’ve got a general plan but am also winging it.

Expected release date 2021.

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